The Furious BLog Post Five!

Mise-En-Scene? What in the world is that? what does it means? Person, place, thing? It’s actually a word that comes from French. The word means frame. There are eight elements of miss in- i mean Mise-En-Scene. You got setting, decor, costumes(including hair and make up), body language and facial expression, color, and last and i don’t think least, framing and composition. All 8 will be useful and have an effect on my final film because it’ll make the film stand out more and make the audience question what happens next.

Eight Elements, Only one will be super effective!

It’s confusing thinking about what element would really help my film stand out from the others if i’m going to be honest. All eight of them have major parts in the movies we see today.The element that i think would be most effective is setting.Setting is a big part of a movie.This is because it allows the audience to see where the characters are and even where they come from.The others maybe very important, but in my film, setting is gonna be one of the main elements i use in my film and heres why.


So the big Q of the century is how will i ever put Mise-En-Scene to good use? well to be honest there are a lot of ways.The thing i learned from Mise-En-Scene i could apply to my film.for instance, my decor can be outside, the tree the props, and well i can’t give off too much info but Mise-En-Scene is definitely going to be in my film.

COuldn’t have done it without these pics! wanna see em? here’s links:

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